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When I hear the word indulge my mind wanders to a day spa…

The kind where the music is low and gentle and there’s the sound of water gently trickling over rocks. I put on a big fluffy robe and I feel like I’m the only person in existence. There’s candles and the sweet aroma of pure essential oils. A fresh frangipani sits on soft white towels and the lights are dimmed. The therapist is softly spoken and she’s ready to pamper me for the next hour or so. I’m in heaven!

lady being massaged

Your idea of indulgence might be something totally different. Perhaps a Gold Class Cinema experience is more your thing or something as simple as hubby bringing you a glass of wine and telling you dinner is cooked, after a hard day’s work.

That feeling of indulgence is different for every one of us. No matter what your preferred indulgence, I’m guessing it’s a form of relaxation… There is no right or wrong, just what’s right for you. What is your ultimate indulgent Me Time?

Is it dinner at an intimate restaurant or a weekend away? Maybe it’s a new hairdo, a personal shopping experience, or a full makeover experience with hair, makeup and a new outfit!

Close your eyes and think about your ultimate indulgence. Really feel what it’s like to be there, delve into the details like I did above with my day spa experience. Now as you open your eyes, I want you to think about what you can do to feel that way.

Maybe your ultimate indulgence is a bit extravagant (like mine). You have two choices – either plan ahead or adapt it a little. Maybe there’s certain aspects of it that you can create at home. A bubble bath with candles and soft music might be a long way from a day spa but it’s still relaxing!

Asking hubby to cook might be a long shot, but I’m sure he’ll pick up takeaway and grab your favourite bottle of wine on the way home.

Here’s some other ideas that won’t break the bank:

  • Get a little creative, arrange a mobile massage person to come to your home then run a bubble bath and light some candles when they leave
  • Have a movie night at home, make up a cheese and fruit platter and enjoy a glass or two of your favourite wine
  • Plan a picnic dinner on a moonlit night at a picturesque locale

Take a look at my blog post, 7 Fun things to do with no cash, for more inspiration.

Maybe a high tea is more achievable than an expensive dinner, and an overnight stay is easier to make happen than a weekend away.

Think about it, then make it happen. Go on! You’re worth a little indulgence!

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