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When I hear the word nourish I think of delicious fresh food with lots of colour…

All kinds of fruits and vegetables with homemade dressings drizzled over them to marry the flavours, teamed with a tender serve of meat. I think of green smoothies or made-to-order juices.

healthy chia cup with fruit

But it doesn’t stop there! Nourished is how my skin feels when it’s been gently scrubbed and lathered in creams made from natural ingredients. I love how it feels on my skin and the sweet scent of pure essential oils.

Taking time out to meditate or just sit quietly reading an inspiring book or blog nourishes my mind. When I take the time to slow my mind, inspiration comes.

And there’s one more way I feel nourished – in spirit! I could be doing yoga or singing praise or I sitting on top of a mountain taking in the view. My spirit feels nourished when I take time to connect with my true self.

I believe in balance between mind, body and spirit. A healthy mind, is a prison without a healthy body, and likewise a healthy mind and body feels empty if the spirit is mal-nourished.

What does nourish mean to you? And how can you add a little more nourishment to your day, week and month?

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