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If I had a show of hands of who loves to travel, most of my friends would be waving both arms around frantically!

In fact, when I’m not traveling myself I’m usually privileged enough to be living vicariously through one of my friends as they share their latest adventure on Facebook. Some of them even share the food pics which usually has me drooling all over my phone.

pretty lady looking at Eiffel tower

As I embarked on writing this page I pondered why I like to travel. I plan travel before I plan anything else in my life. And I know I’m not alone on this score – a friend’s husband told her she could either have a new kitchen or an overseas holiday, she picked the holiday! Yep truly a friend after my own heart.

I decided to ask my traveling friends the reason they like to travel; the answers varied quite a bit…

There’s the obvious like – just wanting to take timeout and do nothing beside a pool or laze on a beach. Some like to travel to immerse themselves in history and tick historical sites off the bucket list. Experiencing and learning about other cultures and tasting different foods was big on some people’s list. For others, it was all about the adventure.

So, what is it about travel that makes my heart sing?

I love to travel because it gives me a real sense of freedom; and freedom is one of my top three core values. Of course, there’s a bucket list of destinations that I’m slowly ticking off too.

But it more than just what I see or taste… when I travel, I immerse myself in some place new and I meet new people who help me to broaden my understanding of the world. I love to travel because it takes me out of my comfort zone into the realms of what is possible.

And when I travel, both within Australia and overseas, it serves as a reminder of the absolute blessing of being born Australian and living in this amazing country I call home. Travel enriches my soul and opens my heart to gratitude.

What about you, do you like to travel? What’s the payoff for you? Oh, and please do share your must-not-miss from your favourite travel destination.

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